Australia’s leading mathematics educator and local hero of 2018, Eddie Woo, visits Thailand

Source: Australia in Thailand Australian Embassy Bangkok is excited to bring Australia’s leading mathematics educator and local hero of 2018, Eddie Woo to Thailand! At his talk entitled “Reimagining Mathematics” at Thailand’s Prachaniwet School, Eddie inspired the students by showing a whole new world to maths and explained that there is so much more to maths […]

The Australian Embassy’s Education team participates in the 15th OCSC International Education Expo

Source: Australia in Thailand The Australian Embassy’s Education team participated in the 15th OCSC International Education Expo, Thailand’s largest study abroad exhibition held annually by the Thai government scholarship agency, OCSC. The two-day event had 375 exhibitors from 27 countries. This year, 20 Australian education institutions participated in the event, including universities, ELICOS and VET providers. […]

Creating a pipeline for skills for Thailand

By Nigel Carpenter, CEO of Sustainable Skills Economic, social, political and technological forces are changing the shape and structure of workforces around the world. Traditional norms and roles are being challenged, pressuring organisations to adapt and diversify. There has never been a more critical time to put adaptive and responsive workforce planning strategies into place. Industry […]

A Shifting Model of Professional Development

By Sara Berenguer, Assistant Head of Primary at Regents International School, Pattaya  Professional development in education for many years was organized around a received wisdom model of training – that of the teacher as a ‘cook’ following a recipe.  Although teachers continued to be required to produce certificates of courses or workshop attendance as evidence of their professional […]

It’s not the same as an overseas holiday

By Gregory Joseph Cairnduff, Director, The Australian International School, Bangkok Families in Transition from One Country to Another. Choosing a School for your child  For families newly arrived in a new country, choosing a school for their child is one of the most important decisions they will make in their transition period. How can parents judge the […]

Learning and Re-learning, Beyond the Classroom

By Dr. Ian Fenwick, Interim Deputy Director (External), at Sasin School of Management (Bangkok) Lifelong learning is one of those things (like climate change), that inspires a lot more talk than action. Yet, also like climate change, it has a certain inevitability, and looms large over the future of education. There are three major forces at work […]

Growing up among worlds, how schools support TCK’s

By Kirsten Durward , the PYP Co-ordinator at KIS International School   ‘Third Culture Kid’ (TCK), and ‘Global Nomad’ are terms increasingly heard in our International Education world as we attempt to describe and understand some of the students we care for. Thailand being a country which attracts both long and short term expatriates, we have a wide […]

Education and Leadership Development

By Jake Varley, Elementary Principal at Berkeley International School As educational leaders, we face great challenges. Sir Ken Robinson observes that ‘the more complex the world becomes, the more creative we need to be to meet its challenges’. For this reason, it is critical to instead look at these challenges as opportunities. Educators today stand before students with […]

The Energy and Persistence of Multilingualism

By Ondine Ullman, Primary Leader of Language Acquisition, Bangkok Patana School At our international school here in Bangkok, we have the privilege of a gloriously diverse linguistic landscape, with over 60 nationalities within our community speaking an even larger number of languages. For many of these children, using multiple languages is the norm, and for all […]

Professional Development is Now Online

By Rob Kawada, Managing Director, English Gang Thailand If you love your job, professional development is awesome. If you hate your job, well, there isn’t much that will make you change your mind about that! The cool thing about professional development as we enter into 2019, is that a lot of it can be done online now. […]