Health and Wellness Tourism

By Dr. Iain Corness, Consultant, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism all sound as if they are related, but in reality are quite different. Wellness tends towards the abstract concept, while Medical Tourism implies surgical procedures for the correction of a physical condition. Wellness is defined as the quality or state of being in good […]

Thailand’s Dental Tourism on the rise despite global competition for patients

By Dr. Allen Nazeri DDS MBA FICOI MICOI, Bangkok Smile Malo Clinic There are no accurate data available on the dental tourism sector in Thailand, but as an international healthcare management consultant who is based in Bangkok; I monitor the industry very closely and often survey international patients who travel to Thailand. Thus, I have formed […]

Make a mountain of this mole

By M.D., Ph.D Saroj Suvanasuthi, M.D. at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital HIGHLIGHTS: Mole with abnormal in shape. This is often a marker for cancerous moles. The best way to find out if any mole could be problematic is with a regular body scan. People with more than 100 moles have seven times higher risk of developing melanoma than […]

Why choose 24 Hour Fitness?

By Dane Cantwell, the Country Manager of Jetts Fitness in Thailand Living the simple 9-5 type lifestyle is seemingly becoming more a thing of the past now as people want to inject more into their lifestyle in order to gain a greater experience or reap more rewards. With the world becoming more globalized and technology advancing […]

Nurture Differences To Achieve Your Team’s Potential

By Damien Posterino, Head of Sales, South East Asia, Virgin Active Businessmen all know that the secret to running a functional and profitable company is to nurture a working environment in which staff can work cohesively together as a team and perform at peak productivity levels. Teamwork thrives when a corporation has cohesiveness and unity as its core […]

Treating Disease with Oxygen

By Udo Kim, Senior Manager, Expatriate Market Segment at Bumrungrad International Hospital Normally, the air we breathe contains only about 20% oxygen. However, with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients are able to breathe 100% pure oxygen. When a patient receives oxygen in conjunction with increased atmospheric pressure, this allows blood plasma to carry many times more oxygen to the […]

Six Heart-Healthier Foods Worth Adding to Your Diet

By Udo Kim, Senior Manager, Expatriate Market Segment at Bumrungrad International Hospital  Heart-healthier eating means focusing on foods that are rich in nutrients and are prepared in healthier ways — choose grilled or broiled fish instead of deep-fried. It also means swapping so-called “bad” fats with “good” fats — monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are good, trans fats […]

Learn about Vitamin D and avoid being “D-ficient”

By Dr Veerachai Sachdev, Part Time Medical Instructor at Department of Family Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University. It has been estimated that over 1 billion people globally suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.[1] Living in a vibrant city like Bangkok with plenty of sunshine all year round, does not protect us from having a deficiency in Vitamin D, […]

Wellness in Workplace

By Sarah Dalton, the Director of Wellness, MSpa International Ltd (Minor International) Microsoft. Google. Apple. Three of the most recognizable companies in the world with more than just technology in common. Workplace wellness or workplace wellbeing, as it is referred to in the US is quickly becoming topic du jour within many Fortune 500 companies. Happy […]