Checkpoints Established Nationwide to Control the Spread of COVID-19

The Government will screen inter-provincial travelers at more than 357 checkpoints across the country to help control the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). When stopped at a checkpoint, members of the public are asked to be co-operative. Although traveling has not been prohibited, people have been urged not to travel during this time […]

Headline summary as of 31st March 2020

News Updates related to COVID-19: Deputy spokesperson of the Office of the Attorney General warned people not to post fake news and information on April’s Fool Day, citing that Thailand is under the emergency decree. The violator might face a jail term for no more than 2 years and no more than 40,000 THB fine.–Thai […]

Headline summary as of 30th March 2020

News Updates related to COVID-19: The Phuket Governor has ordered the closure of all entry and exit points in the province, except for air travel, effective from midnight on Monday until April 30 or further notice.–all media outlet Officials in Thailand say a riot at a prison in a northeastern province of Buriram was set off […]

Important Update for Passengers Arriving to Australia

On 27 March the Prime Minister of Australia announced that from 23.59 on 28 March 2020, all passengers arriving in Australia will be subject to the Australian Government’s mandatory quarantine period of 14 days at their first Australian destination. Travellers will be provided with suitable accommodation to stay in during this period and will not […]

Headline summary as of 26th March 2020

News Updates on COVID-19: Politics. The structure of Emergency Administrative Centre which the PM gives more power to the permanent-secretaries over ministers is seen as a silent coup.–Prachachart Adviser to House Speaker said the House will reopen for its session on May 22 as scheduled despite the Covid-19 outbreak as the constitution does not allow […]

Headline summary as of 25th March 2020

News Updates related to COVID-19: Deputy PM Wissanu said the PM will elaborate more on the details of Emergency Decree which will be enacted on Thursday. In a national broadcast yesterday, the PM has warned people not to spread fake news. The emergency decree will be effective for one month. As of today, there are […]

Bureau Update of 25 March

Ministry of Labour Today cabinet approves urgent measures to help employers and employees. Special residence permit extensions for migrant workers in Thailand, up to 30th June 2020 Employees enrolled in the Social Security system who have been laid off or asked to take leave without pay will receive compensation from Social Security at half their […]

Important update on Thai travel restrictions regarding COVID-19.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has announced that, from midnight 21 March 2020, passengers from all countries travelling to Thailand, including transit passengers, are required to present: 1. A health certificate certifying that the passenger “poses no risk of being infected by the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)”, issued no more than 72 hours prior to […]

Important update on travel restrictions regarding COVID-19

While we know that many of you have been making every effort possible to return home, options to fly out of Thailand to Australia are becoming extremely limited. Please contact airlines directly to discuss your options. If you can’t leave or don’t want to leave Thailand, follow the advice of local authorities and minimise your […]

Announcement on COVID-19 for AustCham Members

Dear AustCham Members,   I am writing to you on behalf of AustCham’s Board of Directors to update you on what the Chamber plans to do regarding our membership services including our event policy, as the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate around the world.   First and foremost, our highest priority is the safety, […]